Cheryl is a highly-skilled Treatment Co-Ordinator and dental photographer. Her business objective is to ensure that her dental clients maximise their profit potential, through strategic use of dental photography in order to increase case acceptance and therefore enhanced turnover.

Why outstanding dental photography skills are essential for a profitable and successful dental practice

  • Ideal for excellent medico-legal records
  • The best way to communicate patients’ dental problems
  • Important for Smile Analysis in cosmetic dentistry
  • The most effective marketing tool in “co-discovery” and “ethical selling” of dental treatment
  • Effective and accurate laboratory communication for indirect restorations
  • Ideal for communicating with other dentists and specialists for referrals
  • Marketing purposes. The images can be used as part of case studies for a website, social media, practice brochure, or framed before/after pictures as wall displays.

As a highly experienced photographer, she has condensed her knowledge and unique skills into a unique training course. Summarised in a one-day workshop at her clients’ practices and which can include weekends for the convenience of the dentist(s) and team.

“Cheryl’s contribution to the running of my practice and her photographic services, have been essential in the establishment of our reputation. She is highly-skilled and exceptional as a Treatment Coordinator. Her photography skills are a significant asset to our business.”

Ash Parmar – Smile Design by Ash

Private patients are discerning when receiving dental care. Cosmetic imaging (whether for private or NHS) is invaluable when showing patients, the final and exciting result by having excellent cosmetic dentistry.

Image CD

Focus Photography Training can help to improve your dental practice’s status and profits using a powerful communicative tool – the emotional response to professional photographs.

Supporting Dentists and Dental Staff


Cheryl Tonkinson


07798 905 672


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